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Children's Literature Association Quarterly

The Children's Literature Association Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of literary criticism, has a new editorial staff with offices housed at the University of Connecticut.  Katharine Capshaw Smith, Associate Professor of English at UConn, serves as the journal’s new Editor.  Kenneth Kidd of the University of Florida, Anne Phillips of Kansas State University, and Lynne Vallone of Rutgers University, Camden, serve as its Associate Editors.  Ivy Linton Stabell of UConn serves as its Managing Editor.

The Quarterly is the official publication of the Children’s Literature Association.

The new editors are soliciting submissions for upcoming issues.  Inquiries and correspondence should be directed to:

Children's Literature Association Quarterly,
Dept. of English
215 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4025
University of Connecticut
Storrs CT 06269-4025.

The Editor can be reached at  For submission guidelines and further information, see the journal's page here.